New York Board G.A.A.

Official Authorisation Form for players from Ireland to play under the jurisdiction of the New York Board G.A.A.



Junior Intermediate Senior
Junior Intermediate Senior


CONTACT NUMBER (day)________________________ PASSPORT NO:_________________________

CLUB:_____________________________ COUNTY:___________________________________________

I hereby declare that I intend to play for_______________________________________ Club in New York.

and intend to remain there from _______/______/___________ to ________/________/_______________ .
(I agree to all terms listed and acknowledge that if my details are incomplete, I am unable to play until rectified and acknowledged by Croke Park)

PLAYER’S SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________________

The above player is hereby able to play in competition under the jurisdiction of the New York Board G.A.A. in (year) 201_
On his return to Ireland he will, automatically, be entitled to resume playing for his home club.
Note: A new Official Authorisation Form is required for each visit to New York.
(This form is not valid if a player is moving to New York for more than one weekend. In such a case an Official Permit Form should be signed). (See Rule 41 for further details).

SIGNED BY RÚNAÍ CHLUB____________________________________________________

SIGNED BY RÚNAÍ CONTAE___________________________________________________

SIGNED BY ARD-STIÚRTHÓIR_________________________________________________

(This form must be lodged in Croke Park no later than 4.00pm on the Wednesday before the date of the game)
No correspondence between Clubs and Croke Park will be entered into. Refer to your County Secretary.
(The original to be retained in Croke Park).